LM (perempuan-female)



Ladan A flower; sekuntum bunga (P)

Laleh Tulip (P)

Leila Nocturnal; makhluk malam (P)

Layla and Majnun, also known as The Madman and Layla – in Arabic مجنون و ليلى (Majnun and Layla) or قيس وليلى (Qays and Layla), in Persian: لیلی و مجنون (Leyli and Madjnun), (Leyli və Məcnun) in Azeri – is a classical Arabic story of star-crossed lovers. It is based on the real story of a young man called Qays ibn al-Mulawwah (Arabic: قيس بن الملوح‎) from the northern Arabian Peninsula during the Umayyad era in the 7th century. In one version, he spent his youth together with Layla, tending their flocks. In the other version, upon seeing Layla he fell passionately in love with her. In both versions, however, he went mad when her father prevented him from marrying her; for that reason he came to be called Majnun-e Layla (Persian: مجنونِ لیلا), which means “Layla’s Lunatic.” (Layla and Majnun, Wikipedia)

a beautiful Persian painting

Leily /Layly Nocturnal, one who does anything by night; makhluk malam hari (P)

Lida ??? (P)

Lila The lilac tree; pohon lila (P)

Lili /Lily A flower; sekuntum bunga (P)

Laasya Dance; menari (H)

Laksha White; putih (H)

Lalasa Dove; burung dara (H)

Latika Hindu God; dewi Hindu (H)

Lavanya Grace; Anggun (H)

Lakia Treasure; harta karun (P)

Laleh Tulip (P)

Lamis Soft; lembut (P)

Lamya Dark; gelap (P)

Leila Nocturnal; makhluk malam hari (P)

Lila/Lilia Lilac; lila (P)

Lilah Night; malam hari (P)

Lilith Of The Night; dari malam hari (P)

Lula/Lulu Pearl; mutiara (P)


Latifa Gentle; lemah lembut (Af)

Latifah Elegant; elegan (Af)

Layla Born At Night; lahir pada malam hari (Af)

Lehana One Who Refuses; orang yang menolak (Af)

Lewa Beautiful; cantik (Af)

Lila Good; baik (Af)

Lisha Mysterious; misterius (Af)

Lisimba Lion; singa (Af)

Lael Of God; dari Tuhan (I)

Lea Meadow; bunga rumput (I)

Leah Weary; capek (I)

Leia Weary; letih (I)

Lena Illustrious; termasyhur (I)

Levia Combine Forces; menggabungkan berbagai kekuatan (I)

Lia Weary; letih (I)

Libby Consecreted To God; mengabdikan diri pada Tuhan (I)

Liora Light; cahaya (I)

Lisa Consecrated To God (I)

Libba Derives From Elizabeth; kependekan dari Elizabeth (I)

Lisbet Derives From Elizabeth (I)

Lizbeth Derives From Elizabeth (I)

Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) was Queen of England and Queen of Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. Sometimes called the Virgin Queen, Gloriana, or Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. The daughter of Henry VIII, she was born a princess, but her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed two and a half years after her birth, and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate. …

Elizabeth‘s reign is known as the Elizabethan era, famous above all for the flourishing of English drama, led by playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, and for the seafaring prowess of English adventurers such as Francis Drake. Some historians are more reserved in their assessment. They depict Elizabeth is acknowledged as a charismatic performer and a dogged survivor, in an age when government was ramshackle and limited and when monarchs in neighbouring countries faced internal problems that jeopardised their thrones. After the short reigns of Elizabeth’s brother and sister, her 44 years on the throne provided welcome stability for the kingdom and helped forge a sense of national identity.(Elizabeth I, Wikipedia)

Livana Lunar; bulan (I)

Livia Derives From Olivia; kependekan dari Olivia (I)

Liza Consecrated To God (I)

Lois Good; baik (I)

Leopolda Bold leader; Ketua yang berfikiran tajam (UE)

Lalaine Helpful and hardworking; suka menolong dan rajin (X)

Lareina The Queen; sang Ratu (UE)

Latanya The fairy queen; ratu peri (A)

Ledell Spartan queen; ratu Sparta (UE)


Mahasti The moon’s being; wujud rembulan (P)

Mahdokht Daughter of the moon; puteri dari rembulan (P)

Mahla Face of the moon; wajah rembulan (P)

Mahlegha ??? (P)

Mahin Greatest; yang terbaik (P)

Mahrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful; wajahnya bagai rembulan/cantik (P)

Mahkameh ??? (P)

Mahnaz The moon’s glory; kemenan rembulan (P)

Mahnoosh Drink from the moon; minuman dari rembulan (P)

Mahsheed Moon, moonlight; rembulan, cahaya rembulan (P)

Mahsa Like the moon; bagaikan rembulan (P)

Mahta Moon-like; bagaikan rembulan (P)

Mahtab Moonlight; cahaya rembulan (P)

Mahvash Moon-like; a beauty; bagai rembulan, kecantikan (P)

Melika Ayaza and her sister Altantuya Feyyaza

Queen; ratu (P)

Maliheh Beautiful; cantik (P)

Mana Alike, similar; also name of a God;
Mirip/nama lain Tuhan (dewi) (P)

Mandana Name of a princess; nama seorang putri (P)

Manizheh A legendary female character in Shahnameh (P)

Marjan Coral; batu koral (P)

Marjaneh Coral (P)

Marmar Marble; marmer (P)

Mariam A flower (Tuberose); sekuntum bunga (P)

Marzieh Satisfactory, agreeable; keputusan, persetujuan (P)

Masoumeh Sinless, Innocent; tak berdosa (P)

Masoumeh Ebtekar (Persian: معصومه ابتکار; born 1960) is an Iranian scientist and politician. She is currently the director of Peace and Environment Center in Tehran. Ebtekar first achieved fame as the spokeswoman of the students who had occupied the US Embassy in 1979. Later she became the first female Vice President of Iran, the head of the Environment Protection Organization of Iran during the administration of President Mohammad Khatami, and is currently a city councilwoman elect of Tehran. Like many Iranian girls, she has two names, she was named Massoumeh at birth, but known as Niloufar among friends and relatives.Ebtekar is married to Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi who has been only active in the private sector for more than two decades, and they have two children. (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masoumeh_Ebtekar)

Mastaneh Drunken (More like joyful); mabuk kepayang (karena gembira) (P)

Mastoureh Veiled, chaste; terhijabi (P)

MehrAngiz To cause affection; menyebabkan ketertarikan (P)

Mehrnaz The sun’s glory; kemenangan mentari (P)

Mehrnoosh Drink from the sun; minuman dari mentari (P)

Mehry Sun; also Affectionate, kind; Matahari, baik hati, perhatian (P)

Meshia Butter made of sheep’s milk; mentega dari susu kambing (P)

Mina Enamel,blue glass(lapis lazuli) – lapis lazuli, enamel (P)

Minoo Paradise, heaven; surga (P)

Mitra Name of a God/Goddess; nama dewa/dewi (P)

Mozhgan Eyelashes; bulu mata (P)

Mozhdeh Good news; berita baik (P)

Mona Name of a God; nama dewi (P)

Monir Shining; bersinar (P)

Monireh Shining (P)

Morvareed Pearl; mutiara (P)

Madonna Our Lady; Wanita kita (I)

Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone; August 16, 1958) is an American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur. Born in Bay City, Michigan, and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan, she moved to New York City in 1977, for a career in modern dance. After performing as a member of the pop musical groups Breakfast Club and Emmy, she released her self-titled debut album Madonna in 1983 on Sire Records….One of my favorite song from her is “Frozen.” Yet, “Frozen” was adjudicated to be a plagiarism of Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva’s 1993 song “Ma Vie Fout L’camp”, and hence the album was banned in Belgium. (Madonna, Wikipedia)

Mahola Dance; Tarian (I)

Malha Queen; Ratu (I)

Malina Tower Soothing; Menara (I)

Manuela God Is With Us; Tuhan bersama kita (I)

Mara Bitter Sea; Laut yang pahit (I)

Maree From; Mary Or Marie Dari “Mary” (I)

Mari/Mary Wished-For Child; Anak yang diharapkan (I)

Mary Wished For; Yang diharap-harapkan (I)

The Blessed Virgin Mary, sometimes shortened to the Blessed Virgin or the Virgin Mary, is a traditional title used by most Christians and most specifically used by liturgical Christians such as Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics, and some others to describe Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. (Blessed Virgin Mary, Wikipedia)

Mary (Aramaic, Hebrew: מרים, Maryām Miriam; Arabic:مريم, Maryam), usually referred to by Christians as the Virgin Mary or Saint Mary, was a Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee, identified in the New Testament[Mt. 1:16,18–25] [Lk. 1:26–56] [2:1–7] as the mother of Jesus Christ. Muslims also refer to her as the Virgin Mary or Syeda Mariam, which means Our Lady Mary. The New Testament describes her as a virgin (Greek παρθένος, parthénos). Christians believe that she conceived her son miraculously by the agency of the Holy Spirit. This took place when she was already the betrothed wife of Saint Joseph and was awaiting the concluding rite of Jewish marriage, the formal home-taking ceremony. Roman Catholics believe that Mary was conceived and born without the stain of Original Sin, thereby making her sinless, eternally perfect, divine and immaculate from all forms of evil.

In Islam, Mary is regarded as the virgin mother of the prophet Jesus. She is described and honoured in the Qur’an, in the Sura Maryam (Arabic: سورة مريم‎). (Mary the mother of Jesus, Wikipedia)

Mariam Wished-For Child (I)

Marilyn Descendants Of Mary; Keturunan Maria (I)

Marnina Rejoice; Menyukai kegembiraan (I)

Martha Lady; Wanita (terhormat) (I)

Martha Christina Tiahahu (lahir di Nusa Laut, Maluku, 4 Januari 1800 – meninggal di Laut Banda, Maluku, 2 Januari 1818 pada umur 17 tahun) adalah seorang gadis dari Desa Abubu di Pulau Nusalaut. Lahir sekitar tahun 1800 dan pada waktu mengangkat senjata melawan penjajah Belanda berumur 17 tahun. Ayahnya adalah Kapitan Paulus Tiahahu, seorang kapitan dari negeri Abubu yang juga pembantu Thomas Matulessy dalam perang Pattimura tahun 1817 melawan Belanda. (Christina Marta Tiahahu, wikipedia)

Matana Blessing; Berkah (I)

Meira Light; Cahaya (I)

Menora Candelabra; Tempat lilin berhias (I)

Micol Queen; Ratu (I)

Mili Virtuous?; Kemampuan yang baik? (I)

Mireille God Has Spoken; Tuhan telah bicara (I)

Mirella Jehovah Spoke; Yehuwa(Yahweh) telah bicara (I)

Mireya God Has Spoken; Tuhan telah bicara (I)

Molly Bitter Pahit (I)

Maina Bird; burung (H)

Makara Born Under Capricorn; lahir pada zodiak Capricorn (H)

Malini Gardener; tukang kebun (H)

Mallika Jasmine; melati (H)

Manasa Mind; Pikiran, Akal (H)

Manda River; Sungai (H)

Mandara Calm; Tenang (H)

Manju Sweet; Manis (H)

Meena Blue Gem Stone; Batu biru (H)

Meghana Cloud; Awan (H)

Minda Knowledge; Ilmu Pengetahuan (H)

Mrinal Lotus Blossom; Teratai sedang bersemi (H)

Muniya Small Bird; burung kecil (H)

Miriam Mistress Of The Sea; Nyonya dari Laut (I)

Mada The End Of The Path; hujung jalan (P)

Mahala Powerful; sangat berkuasa/kuat (P)

Mahalah Narrow/Tender; Sempit, lembut (P)

Mahdis Moon-Like; bagaikan rembulan (P)

Mahlah From Mahala, dari Mahala (P)

Mahsa Like The Moon; bagaikan bulan (P)

Maja Splendid; luar biasa (P)

Mandana Everlasting; abadi (P)

Manoush Sweet Sun; matahari yang menyenangkan (P)

Mantreh Pure; suci (P)

Mitra Angel; bidadari/malaikat (P)

Maha Beautiful Eyes; mata yang indah (Af)

Maisha Life; hidup (Af)

Malaika Angel; malaikat (Af)

Malika Queen; ratu (Af)

Malkia Queen (Af)

Mandisa Sweet; manis (Af)

Manica From The Nica; dari Nica (Af)

Mansa Third Born Girl; anak perempuan ketiga (Af)

Mardea Last; terakhir (Af)

Marka Steady Rain; hujan yang stabil (Af)

Meria Rebellious One; sang pemberontak (Af)

Miniya Much Expected of her; banyak yang diharapkan darinya (Af)

Miyanda Roots; akar-akar (Af)

Montsho Black; hitam (Af)

Muna The Lord Is With You; Tuhan bersamamu (Af)

Mutia Honored One; Yang dihormati (Af)

Myeisha One Who Is Loved Greatly; Yang sangat dicintai (Af)

Mungentuya “Silver Ray” Cahaya Perak (M)

Altantuya Feyyaza or Fei Fei

Munkhjargal “Eternal Blessing” Berkah Abadi (M)

Melek Angel; malaikat/bidadari (T)

Meryem Turkish form of Miriam; kata Turki untuk Miriam (T)

Muge Lily; bunga lili (T)

Daughter of the Wise Leader; puteri dari Pemimpin yang Bijaksana (UE)

Malca Queen; Ratu (I)

Malha Queen (I)

Malka Queen (I)

Micol Queen (I)

Melvina Armored Chief ; ketua bersenjata (UE)

Monifa I am lucky; saya beuntung (E)

Minda Knowledge; pengetahuan (A)


Banyak Jalan Ke Roma

adalah sebuah kisah “mysticsm” yang saya tulis ketika saya sedang merenungi masalah-masalah spiritual, tasawuf, filsafat, dan kehidupan pragmatis.

setiap tokoh-tokohnya adalah simbol dari sesuatu…dan Roma pun adalah kiasan dari sesuatu…

baca lebih lanjut

Petunjuk Singkatan Asal Nama
(The Abbreviation of the Name’s Origin):

H [Hindi/India-baik bahasa Sansekerta maupun bahasa-bahasa lainnya di wilayah India]

Ar [Arab]

P [Persian/Persia, terutamanya di Iran dan Irak]

E [English/Inggris]

T [Turkish/Turki-baik bahasa Turki, Kurdi dan lainnya di wilayah Turki]

F [French/Perancis]

G [Germany/Jerman]

C [Chinese/Cina, baik bahasa Mandarin maupun dialek-dialek Cina lainnya]

Af [African/Afrika, baik bahasa asli Afrika, maupun yang diadopsi dari dari bahasa Arab]

E [Egypt/Mesir, baik bahasa asli Mesir maupun yang diambil dari bahasa Arab dll]

I [Ibrani/Hebrew/Yahudi-biasanya merupakan nama-nama orang Nasrani dan Yahudi]

R [Rusia (baik Nasrani, Muslim, maupun dari bahasa Romawi, Yahudi, dll)]

J [Japanese/Jepang]

UE [Uni Eropa dan Eropa lainnya (Celtic, Welsh, Galea, Romawi, Spanyol, Yunani, dll)]

M [Mongolia}

X [Lainnya (Hawaii, Jawa, Red-Indian, Sunda, Korea, dll)]

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