Gunung-ganang dan Asal-muasal Raksasa

Momotaro dan Raksasa

Tatkala saya masih kanak-kanak saya mengira bahwa cerita-cerita mengenai raksasa-raksasa sebagaimana dalam kisah Ramayana dan Mahabharata dan dongeng-dongeng seperti Timun Mas, Buto Ijo, Momotaro, dsb itu tidak nyata. Begitu pun ketika saya tumbuh dewasa, saya menganggap cerita-cerita tersebut hanya tamsil-tamsil belaka. Namun, belakangan setelah mengenal Kitab Enoch, sebuah kitab yang termasuk kitab kanon dalam Gereja Ethipioa, saya mulai mempelajari bahwa kemungkinan besar cerita-cerita rakyat atau mitos-mitos dan dongeng-dongeng sebelum tidur itu berasal dari suatu sumber yang agung dan sangat kuno. Kini, terlepas dari persoalan nyata atau tidaknya atau juga sahih tidaknya kitab ini, sekarang asal-muasal cerita-cerita itu semakin jelas bagi saya. Kitab Enoch memberi gambaran dengan baik, terutama jika membacanya dalam bentuk parafrase yang merupakan gubahan bersyair Thomas McElwain berikut ini. Corak mistisme yang sangat kuat dalam Kitab Enoch agaknya merupakan satu dari banyak alasan mengapa ia tidak diakui sebagai kitab kanon dalam gereja-gereja lain. Bagian awalnya cukup mengejutkan bagi saya, selain menggambarkan perjalanan kenabian Enoch as (nabi yang disandingkan sebagai Idris as dan kadang-kadang merujuk kepada Khidir as) juga menceritakan bagaimana awal mula lahirnya makhluk bernama “raksasa” dan kisah-kisah seputar malaikat dan hal-hal supra-natural serta tamsil-tamsil mengenai gunung, bukit, api, bahkan juga alien, rahasia-rahasia langit, dan dasar bumi, dsb.

Gn. Galunggung

Di samping itu Kitab Enoch bagian pertama ini juga dalam salah satu ayatnya memuat tamsil mengenai empat belas macam pohon atau daun yang abadi atau tak lekang oleh musim yang terus berganti, sebuah tamsil penting yang terkait dengan empat belas manusia maksum. Jika pernah membaca buku semacam The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings atau bahkan Harry Potter, dalam bahasa aslinya, agaknya tidak akan kesulitan untuk menikmati Kitab Enoch ini dalam bahasa Inggris, terutama dalam gubahan susastra yang saya tampilkan berikut ini.

~ The Book of Enoch (SECTION One) ~

Terjemahan parafrase ayat-ayat Kitab Enoch berikut ini merupakan gubahan Thomas McElwain.* Diambil dari mahakarya beliau The Beloved and I: New Jubilees Version. Untuk membaca versi lengkapnya berupa penjelasan kontemplatif perayat atau perbagian dari seluruh kitab ini silakan mengunjungi:

These paraphrase of the verses in Book of Enoch are versification by Thomas McElwain.* Taken from his great masterpiece, The Beloved and I: New Jubilees Version. To read the contemplative commentaries and to have the whole book, please visit

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Introduction about the book:

Enoch (pbuh) and Elijah (pbuh) are talking about the world peace

The Book of Enoch is a canonical book in the Ethiopian Bible. It disappeared from Jewish interest by the end of the first centuries C.E., perhaps because of its messianic references to the Son of Man (Enoch 46ff.), which were used effectively by Christian apologists. It was later opposed by Christians because of its support for a twelve-month calendar with a focus on the Sabbath, which was becoming less and less acceptable to a Sunday observing church, and so lost its valued position among most Christians after the council of Laodicea in 364, although it was still found quoted outside the Coptic tradition as late as the eighth century. The twelve month calendar was also superceded by the intercalated lunar calendar in Rabbinical Judaism, effectively producing another barrier against the books of Enoch and Jubilees. Neither of these considerations applied to the Ethiopian church, which explains why the book survived there without break down to the present day.

Most scholars consider the book of Enoch to have been written in the main during the Maccabean period mid-second century B.C.E., but Ethiopian tradition attributes it to the Prophet Enoch himself. Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origen, Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian all considered the book authentic
and canonical, mainly because it is clearly quoted in Jude 14-15. Enoch 39:12 reflects Isaiah 6:3 and Revelation 4:8, to mention only one outstanding example of canonical quotation. The book of Enoch is actually  extensively paraphrased in the Greek  Scripture, so that to exclude it from the canon while including those books that quote it authoritatively is inconsistent….(The Beloved and I: New Jubilees Version, vol.1, page 419).

The Book of Enoch, set in earliest time
Reveals the history of the world in rhyme
From fallen watchers to ten thousand years
That grace the universe as it appears.
I see with Enoch heaven’s tablet set
Portraying revelation in things met
And every action, thought, and word in seed
As though a thing eternally decreed,
And yet reflecting every hand’s free greed
That springs up in the good or evil deed.
I see with Enoch every passing cloud,
Its rains and snows and dews preaching aloud
The glories of Your days and weeks and name.
I see with Enoch, my Beloved, Your fame.

Section One: Enoch 1-36.

Enoch 1

Mt. Agung Bali

(1) The words of Enoch’s blessing, by
Which he blessed the elect in sky
And righteous on earth, who will be
Living in troublous day’s decree
When all the wicked and godless
Are to be removed for redress.
(2) And he took up his parable
And said heart and mind being full,
Enoch, a righteous man, whose eyes
Alohim opened by surprise,
Saw visions of the Holy One
In the heavens, angels for fun
Showed me, and from them I heard all,
And from them understood the call,
But not unto this generation,
But rather for a remote nation
Which is to come. (3) Of the elect
I spoke, and took up my select
Parable about them. (4) The great
And holy One will come in state
Out from His dwelling, Alohim
Eternal will tread, it may seem,
Upon the earth, even upon
Mount Sinai, [coming like the dawn
From His camp] and appearing in
The strength of His power from the sky,
The heaven of heavens. (5) And all that spy
It shall be struck with fear, for sin
The Watchers shall quake, and great fear
And trembling shall seize far and near
Unto the ends of the earth here.
(6) And the high mountains shall be shaken,
And the high hills made low, forsaken,
Shall melt like wax before the flame.
(7)  Earth shall be wholly rent asunder,
All on earth perish at His name,
For judgement upon all and thunder.

(8) But with the righteous He’ll make peace,
To protect the elect, increase
Mercy upon them. And they shall
Belong to Alohim, and shall
Prosper, and they shall all be blessed.
And He will help them all for best,
And light shall appear to them, and
He’ll make peace with them in the land.

(9) And indeed, He shall come with ten
Thousands of His holy ones then
To execute judgement on all,
And to destroy ungodly thrall,
And to convict all flesh of all
The works of their ungodliness
That they have wickedly committed,
And of all the hard things remitted,
That ungodly sinners confess
Spoken against Him in badness.

Enoch 2
(1) Observe everything that takes place
In the sky, how they change their race,
In orbits, and the luminaries
In the sky, in their functionaries
How they all rise and set in order
Each in its time, without rewarder
Fail not of their appointed order.

(2) Look at the earth, and give heed to
What happens on it, things not few,
From first to last, how faithfully
And without change, by God’s decree
His works appear to you, (3) see how
The summer and the winter bow
In circuit, the whole earth is filled
With water, clouds and dew distilled
With rain upon it wonderfully.

Enoch 3

Observe and see how all the trees
In winter seem in their degrees
To wither and shed all their leaves,
But fourteen kinds whose green achieves
Unlost old foliage two or three
Until they all sprout in their leaves.

Enoch 4
Again observe the summer days,
Sun above the earth in its rays.
Then seek your shade and shelter from
The sun’s heat and its rays that come
On earth with growing, burning heat,
Not to tread on earth with bare feet,
Nor on a rock for intense heat.

Enoch 5
(1) Observe how the trees sprout with green
Leaves and bear fruit where they are seen,
So take heed and know all His works,
And recognize He never shirks,
But lives always to make them so.
(2) And all His works in this way go
On thus from year to year for aye,
And all the tasks they finish by
Him do not change under the sun,
But as ordained, so it is done.

(3) And look how the sea and the streams
In the same way fulfil their schemes
From His commandments without change.
(4) But you, unsteadfast in your range,
Have not done the commands of YHWH,
But you have turned away to do
And speak proud and hard words with your
Impure mouths against His great power.

You hard-hearted, you’ll find no peace.
(5) Therefore shall you and without cease
Regret your days, and all the years
Of your life shall perish in fears,
And your destruction’s years shall be
Multiplied and eternally
In execration, and you shall
Find no mercy. (6) In those days shall
You make your names an eternal
Execration unto all who
Are righteous, and by you all who
Curse, shall curse, and all sinners and
Godless imprecate by your hand,
And for you the godless there shall
Be a curse. (7)  And all of these . . . shall
Rejoice, and for sins there shall be
Forgiveness of sins, and mercy
And peace and forbearance, there shall
Be salvation unto them, and
A goodly light. On other hand,
For all of you sinners there shall
Be no salvation, but on you
Shall abide a curse hereunto.

But for the elect there shall be
Light, joy and peace eternally
And they shall inherit the earth

(8) And then there’ll be bestowed a worth
Of wisdom upon the elect,
And they shall all live and reflect,
And never sin again, not through
Ungodliness nor pride to do,
But they who are wise shall be humble.
(9) And they shall not be ones to stumble
Transgressing, never shall they sin
All the days of their life to win,
Nor die of the divine anger
Or wrath, but they’ll at last concur
To complete the number of days
Of their life. And their lives shall stay
Increased in peace, and the years of
Their joy shall be added in love,
In eternal gladness and peace,
All days of their life shall not cease.

batik tentang buto ijo

Enoch 6
(1) And it happened when sons of men
Had multiplied in those times then
Were born to them beautiful and
Lovely daughters, then angels’ band,
The children of the sky, saw and
Lusted for them, said each to each,
(2) “Come, let us choose us wives like peach
From among the children of men
And get us also some children.”

(3) And Semjaza, who was their leader,
Said to them, “I fear as a pleader
That you indeed will not agree
To do this deed, and shall go free,
While I alone shall have to pay
The penalty of a great sin.”
(4) And they all answered him to say,
“Let us all swear an oath and spin
Upon ourselves curses if we
Abandon this plan treacherously.”

(5) Then they swore all together and
Bound themselves under curses’ band.
(6) And they were in all two hundred,
In days of Jared descended
Upon the top of Mount Hermon,
And so they called it Mount Hermon,
Because they had sworn binding them
By curses in their stratagem.
(7) And these are the names of their leaders,
Samlazaz, their leader of feeders,
Araklba, Rameel, as well
As Kokablel, Tamlel, Ramlel,
And Danel, and Ezeqeel,
Baraqijal, and Asael,
And Armaros, and Batarel,
Ananel, Zaqlel, Samsapeel,
Satarel, Turel, Jomjael,
And Sariel, their chiefs of tens,
Arrayed parade and regimens.

Enoch 7
(1) And all the others together
With them took them wives for each fer,
And each chose for himself one, and
They started going in the land
To defile themselves with them, (2) and
They taught them charms and enchantments,
And the cutting of roots for sense,
And gave knowledge of every plant.
(3) And the women became pregnant,
And each gave birth to great giant,
And whose height was three thousand ells,
Who consumed all men’s seeds and shells.
(4) When they could no longer keep them,
The giants turned fast against them,
(5) And ate up people, birds, and beasts,
And reptiles, and fish, in their feasts
They also ate each other up,
And washed it down with blood in cup.
(6) So earth itself came to accuse
The lawless ones for their abuse.

Enoch 8
(1) And Azazel taught men to make
Swords, and knives, and shields for his sake,
And breastplates, and made known to them
The earth metals and stratagem
Of working them, and bracelets, and
Ornaments, and then the demand
Of antimony, and the way
To beautify of eyelids gay,
And every kind of costly stone,
And colourings of root and bone.
(2) And there arose much godlessness,
And fornication to excess,
And all of them were led astray,
And became corrupt in their way.

(3) Semjaza taught enchantments, and
Root-cuttings, Armaros command
To solve enchantments, the angel
Baraqijal astrology,
The constellations Kokabel,
Ezeqeel clouds’ symmetry,
Araqiel the signs of earth,
Shamsiel signs of the sun’s dearth,
And Sariel the moon in course.
And as men perished under force,
They cried in anguish, and their cry
Went up, went up into the sky.

Enoch 9
(1) And then Michael, Uriel, and
Raphael, and Gabriel in band
Looked down from heaven and saw much blood
Shed on the earth, the lawless flood
Of what was done on earth. (2) And they
Said one to each other “Earth’s way
In desolation cries with voice
Of their weeping up to the choice
Gates of the sky. (3) And now to you,
The holy ones of heaven, view
The souls of men that make their suit,
Saying ‘Bring our cause of dispute
Before the Most High.’” (4) And they said,
To the Lord of the ages said
“Lord of lords, God of every god,
King of kings, and Alohim shod
With ages, the throne of Your glory
Stands to all generations’ story,
And Your name holy, glorious and
Blessed unto all the ages grand!

(6) “You see what Azazel has done,
Who has taught all the wicked fun
On earth and gave away the deep
Eternal secrets that You keep
In heaven, which men strove to learn,
(7) “And Semjaza You did not spurn
To give authority to rule
Over his fellows played the fool
And they have gone to human girls
Upon the earth, and slept like churls
With women, (8) “and they have defiled
Themselves, and revealed to them wild,
Wicked sins. (9) “And the women gave
Birth to giants, such to enslave
The whole earth thereby to be filled
With unrighteousness and blood spilled.
(10) “And now, indeed, the souls of those
Who have died cry against their foes
Up to the gates of heaven, and their
Lamentations have filled the air,
And cannot cease because of deeds
Of lawlessness done on earth’s weeds.
(11 ) “And You know all things before they
Come to pass, and You see the fray,
And You allow them, do not say
To us what we’re to do to them
Because of what they haw and hem.”

Enoch 10

Lake Toba, Sumatra

(1)Then said Most High, Holy and Great,
Sent Uriel to Lamech’s son,
(2) And told him “Go to Noah’s state
And tell him in my name to run
And hide, and show him what’s to come
Upon the whole country in sum
To be destroyed in a deluge
On the entire land, a flood huge
That will destroy all that’s on it.
(3) “And now instruct him not to sit,
How that he may escape and his
Descendants saved on earth, that is,
For all their generations coming.”
(4) Again YHWH said to Raphael,
“Bind Azazel hand and foot humming,
And cast him into darkness’ hell,
And make a hollow in the ground,
Desert which is in Dudael,
And cast him where he may be found.

(5) “And place upon him rough and jagged
Rocks, cover him with darkness ragged,
And let him stay there and for ever,
Cover his face, light from him sever.
(6) “And on the day of judgement great
He shall be cast into his fate
Of fire, heal the earth of corruption
By which angels have made eruption,
(7 )“And proclaim healing of the earth,
That they may heal plagues on its girth,
And that all sons of men may not
Perish through secret things they got
From the Watchers disclosed and taught
To their sons. (8)“And the whole earth has
Been corrupted through the works as
Were taught by Azazel, his sin.”

(9) And to Gabriel said YHWH to win,
“Proceed against the bastards and
The reprobates, against the band
Of fornication, and destroy
The Watchers’ bastard children from
Amongst men and cause them in sum
To go out, send them against each
Other in battle to destroy
For length of days they shall not reach,
(10) “And no request may they employ
To be granted their fathers on
Their own behalf, for they hope on
To live eternal life, and yet
Five hundred years for each is set.”

(11) And YHWH said to Michael, “Go, bind
Semjaza and his fellows blind
Who have united themselves to
Women to defile themselves too
With them in all their uncleanness.
(12) “And when their sons have killed likeness
In one another, and they’ve seen
Destruction of their loved ones’ scene,
Bind them fast for seventy of
Generations in valleys of
The earth, till their judgement day come
And consummation, till the rum
Judgement eternal take its place.
(13) “In those days they shall have to face
Abyss of fire, and the torment
And prison where they shall be sent
Confined for ever. (14) “Who shall be
Condemned, destroyed will then on be
Bound with them to the end of all
Earth’s generations and their call.

(15) “Destroy all reprobate spirits,
Each son of the Watchers that sits,
Because they have wronged humankind.
(16) “Destroy all wrong from face and mind
Of all the earth and let every
Evil work come to an end free,
And let the plant of righteousness
And truth appear, it shall progress
A blessing, works of righteousness
And truth shall be planted in truth
And joy for evermore and ruth.

(17) “Then all the righteous shall escape,
And they shall live until they shape
Thousands of children, all the days
Of their youth their old age complete
In peace as Islam at God’s feet.

(18) “And then the whole earth shall be tilled
In righteousness, and all be filled
With planted trees and full of blessing.
And all desirable trees with dressing
Shall be planted on it, and they
Shall plant vines on it in that day,
And the vine that they plant on it
Shall yield grape juice abundant, fit,
And as for all the seed that’s sown,
Each measure shall bear thousand grown,
And each measure of olives yield
Ten presses of oil in the field.

(20)“And cleanse the earth from all oppression,
From all unrighteousness, suppression,
From all sin, from all godlessness,
And all uncleanness to oppress
Upon the earth, destroy from off
The earth who do wickedly, scoff.

(21) “And all the children of men shall
Become righteous, all nations shall
Offer adoration and shall
Praise Me, and all shall worship Me.
(22) “And the earth shall be cleansed and free
From all defilement, from all sin,
And from all punishment within,
And from all torment, and I will
Never again send in its fill
From generation’s very door
To generations evermore.

Enoch 11
(1) “And in those days I’ll open up
The store chambers of blessing cup
That are in heaven, so’s to send
Them down upon the earth unpenned
Over the work and labour of
The children of men whom I love.
2 “And truth and peace shall be restored
Together through all the days scored
Upon the world and throughout all
Men’s generations therewithal.”

Week 2 Enoch 12

Mt. Bromo, Java

(1) Before these things Enoch was hidden,
And none of sons of men unbidden
Knew where it was that he was hidden,
(2) And where he lived, and what became
Of him, for he was called by name
To work with the Watchers, his days
Were with the holy ones for praise.

(3) I Enoch was blessing the Lord
Of majesty and fiery sword,
The King of the ages. (4) Indeed
The Watchers called on me with speed,
Enoch the scribe, and said to me
“Enoch, scribe of righteousness, flee,
Declare to the Watchers of heaven
And those who have left the high heaven,
The holy and eternal place,
And have defiled themselves and face
With women, and have done as do
The children of the earth on cue,
And have taken to themselves wives,
(5) “You have accomplished great contrives,
Destruction on the earth, and you
Shall have no peace for what you do
Nor forgiveness of sin, and since
They love their sons, they’ll come to wince
At the murder of their beloved,
And they shall sorrow for the shoved
Destruction of their children, and
Shall make eternally appeal,
But mercy and peace shall not feel.”

Enoch 13
(1) Enoch went and said “Azazel,
You shall have no peace for a spell,
A harsh judgement is laid on you
To put you in custody too.

(2) Naught shall be given to abate
Your punishment, request you state
Shall not be granted, for the wicked
Things that you’ve taught, such things despicked
That you have done in godlessness,
And made of everything a mess,
(3) And the unrighteousness and sin
That you have shown to men’s chagrin.”

(4) Then I went and spoke to them all
Together, they were under pall
Of fear and trembling seized them then.
And they begged me to write again
Petition for them that they might
Find forgiveness in the Lord’s sight,
And to read their note before YHWH
In heaven. (5) For from then on true
They could not speak with Him nor lift
Their eyes up to the heavenly gift
For shame of their sins for which they
Had been condemned upon that day.

(6 )I wrote their petition appeal,
And the prayer that their spirits feel,
And of their deeds each one regarding
Their requests that, without retarding,
(7) They should have forgiveness and length.
And I went off and sat in strength
Down at the waters of Dan, in
The land of Dan, which is within
The south-west of Hermon, I read
Their petition until I slept.
(8) And indeed a dream came and swept
Me up in visions upon me,
And I saw all their penalty,
And a voice came bidding me tell
It to the sons of heaven in hell,
And reprimand them. (9) When I woke,
I came to them, to whom I spoke,
And they were all sitting together,
Weeping in Abelsjail together,
Which is between Lebanon and
Seneser, with faces in hand.

(10) And I recounted before them
All the visions I saw in hem
Of sleep, and I began to speak
The words of righteousness they seek,
And reprimand the heavenly Watchers
For all their sins and all their botchers.

Enoch 14
(1) The book of words of righteousness,
And of the reprimand to bless
The eternal Watchers and by
The command of the Great and High
Holy One in that vision. (2) I
Saw in my sleep what I will now
Say with a tongue of flesh somehow
And with the breath of my mouth, which
The Great One has given to men rich
To converse with and understand
With the heart. (3) As He has in band
Created and given to man power
Of understanding wisdom’s shower,
So He’s created me also
And given me the power to show
The Watchers, heaven’s sons, reprimand.
(4) I wrote out your petition, and
In my vision it has appeared
That your petition, as I feared,
Will not be granted you throughout
All the days of eternal bout,
And that judgement has now been passed
Upon you all indeed at last,
It will not be granted as asked.
(5) And from now on you shall not go
Up into heaven, even masked,
For all eternity, but low
In bonds of the earth the decree
Has gone forth to bind you to be
For all the days of the world tree.

(6) Before that you shall have seen how
Your beloved sons die in the row,
And you’ll have no pleasure in them,
But they’ll fall by the stratagem
Of the sword before you. (7) And your
Petition on their future score
Shall not be granted, nor yet on
Your own, even though you at dawn
Weep and pray and speak all the words
Found in my writing and its herds.

(8) The vision was shown to me thus,
Lo, in the vision nebulous
Invited me and a mist called,
And the course of the stars installed
And lightnings sped and hastened me,
And winds in the vision caused me
To fly and lifted me above,
And carried me to heaven in love.

(9) And I went in till I drew near
A wall that is built of the clear
Crystal and bounded round by fire,
And so I there began to fear.
(10) And I went in the tongues of fire
And came near a house to enquire,
One great and built of crystals, walls
Of the house were like tessellated
Floor made of crystals there instated,
And its groundwork was crystal too.
(11) Its ceiling was like path in view
Of the stars and the lightnings’ crew,
And between them were cherubim
Of fire, their heaven to the brim
Was clear as water. (12) Flaming fire
Surrounded all the walls entire,
And all its portals blazed with fire.
(13) And I entered that house, and it
Was hot as fire and cold as fit
Ice, where no delights of life sit.
(14) Fear covered me, and trembling came
Upon me. As I quaked for blame
And trembled, I fell on my face.

(15) And I saw a vision in place,
And lo there was a second house,
Greater than the former for nous,
And the whole portal stood ajar
Before me, and spectacular
Confected out of flames of fire.
(16) And in every way and desire
It so surpassed one to admire,
Magnificence and vast beyond
What I can put in word and bond.

(17) And its floor also was of fire,
And above it were lightnings and
The path of the stars by command,
Its ceiling also was aflame.
(18) And I looked and saw to my shame
Therein a high and lofty throne,
Its likeness was as crystal grown,
And the wheels of it as the sun
Shining in glory once begun,
And there the sight of cherubim.
(19) And from beneath the throne of Him
Came streams of flaming fire undim,
So that I could not look at it.
(20) And the Great Glory sat on it,
And His raiment shone more brightly
Than the sun and in its glory
Was whiter far than any snow.
(21) None of the angels there could go
In to look at His face because
Of the magnificence it draws
And glory and no flesh could look
At Him. (22) A flaming fire there took
Around about Him, and a great
Fire stood before Him soon and late,
And none around could come near Him,
(23) Ten thousand times ten thousand grim
Stood before Him, and yet no need
Of counsellor was His indeed

(24) And the most holy ones who were
Near Him did not leave to confer
By night nor depart from Him. And
Until then I had been on land
Prostrated on my face, trembling,
And YHWH called me, began to sing
With His own mouth, and said to me
“Come hear, Enoch, hear my decree.”
(25) And one of the holy ones came
To me and woke me to the flame,
And He made me rise up, come near
The door, I bowed my face in fear.

Dobby, an elf

Enoch 15
(1) And He answered and said to me,
And I heard His voice “Fear not Me,
Enoch, you righteous man and scribe
Of righteousness to every tribe,
Come near and hear My voice. (2) “And go,
Say to the heavenly Watchers so,
Who have sent you to intercede
For them ‘Now you yourselves should plead
For men, and not men for your seed,

(3) “Why have you gone out from the high,
Holy, and the eternal sky,
And lain with women, and defiled
Yourselves with men’s daughters and wild
And taken to yourselves such wives,
And made like earthly child contrives,
Begetting giants as your sons?
(4) “And though you were of holy ones,
And spirits living life eternal,
You have defiled yourselves infernal
With the blood of women, begotten
Children with the blood of flesh rotten,
And, just as the children of men,
Have lusted after flesh again
And blood as those also who die
And perish. (5) “And therefore have I
Given them wives also that they
Might impregnate them, and that way
Beget children by them, that thus
Nothing might in the terminus
Be lacking them on earth. (6)“But you
Were formerly spirits and true,
Living eternal life, and not
Dying for generations’ lot
In the world. (7) “And therefore I’ve not
Appointed wives for you nor sought,
For as for the ones spiritual
In the sky is their dwelling hall.

(8) “And now, the giants, who have come
From spirits and flesh in their sum,
Shall be called evil spirits on
The earth, and on the earth anon
Shall be their dwelling. (9) “There have come
Evil spirits proceeding from
Their bodies, because they are born
From men and what is not to scorn
From holy Watchers is their start
And origin, they shall have part
As evil spirits on the earth,
And spirits of evil in worth
For what they’ve done they shall be called.
(10) “[As for the heavenly spirits stalled,
In heaven shall be their dwelling, but
As for the spirits on earth shut
That were born on the earth, on earth
Shall be their dwelling in its girth.]

(11) “These spirits shall rise and attack
The children of men at their back
And against women, because they
Proceeded from them in their day.

Timun Mas, an Indonesian tale

Enoch 16
(1) “From the days of the slaughter and
Destruction and death by the hand
Of the giants, from the selves of
Whose flesh the spirits without love,
Having gone out, destroy without
Incurring blame, thus without doubt
They shall destroy until the day
Of consummation on the way,
The great judgement in which the age
Shall be consummated in stage,
Over the Watchers and godless,
Lo, all shall be finished address

(2)“And now as for the watchers who
Have sent you here that you may do
Intercession for them, and who
Had lately been in heaven and true,
Say to them (3) “‘You have been in heaven,
But all the mysteries of leaven
Had not been shown you, and you knew
Worthless ones, and these in your hearts
Of hardness you have made known arts
To the women, and through these things
Of mystery women and kings
Of men work great evil on earth.’
(4) “Say to them therefore ‘In the dearth
You shall have no peace, underlings.’”

Enoch 17
(1) And they took me and brought me to
A place in which those who were there
Are like a flaming fire in crew,
And, when they wished to appear fair,
They came as men. (2) And they brought me
To the place of darkness to be,
And to a mountain that reached up
Its summit to the heavenly cup.

(3) And I saw places of the lights
And treasures of the stars at nights
And of the thunder and the deep,
Where were a fiery bow in keep
And arrows and their quiver, and
A fiery sword and out of hand
All the lightnings upon the land.
(4) And they took me to running waters,
And to the fire of western daughters,
That receives setting of the sun.
(5) And I came to a river run
With fire in which the fire flows like
Water and runs out in the strike
To the great sea towards the west.
(6) I saw immense rivers and best
Came to the great river and to
The huge darkness, and went into
The place where no flesh walks or grew.

(7) I saw the mountains of the dark
Of winter and the place in park
From where flow all the waters stark
Of the deep. (8) I saw all the rivers
Of the earth in their sources’ shivers,
And the mouth of Tehowm in spark.

Enoch 18
(1) I saw the treasuries of wind,
I saw how He’d made disciplined
The whole creation and the firm
Foundations of the earth, the term
Of the earth’s corner-stone, (2) I saw
The four winds and that bear with awe
The expanse of the heaven, I saw
How the winds stretch out on the vaults
Of heaven, and have their station faults
Between the sky and earth, (3) these are
The pillars of the sky and bar.
(4) I saw the winds of heaven that turn
And bring the sun’s circuit to burn
And all the stars to their setting.
(5) I saw the winds on the earth’s wing
Bear up the clouds, I saw the paths
Of the angels. (6) I saw the laths
Of the sky’s firmament above
At the end of the earth to shove.

Mt Semeru, Java

And I proceeding saw a place
That burns by day and in the race
Of night, where there are seven hills
Of splendid stones, three towards the rills
To eastward, and three towards the south.
(7 ) And as for those towards the mouth
To eastward, one was tinted stone,
And one was pearl, and jacinth tone
The last, and those towards the south
Of red stone. (8) But the middle one
Reached up to heaven like the throne
Of God, of alabaster, cone
Of the throne was of sapphire done.
(9) And there I saw a flaming fire.
(10) And beyond these mountains a dire
Region the end of the great earth,
There the skies were finished in worth.

(11) And there I saw a deep abyss,
With columns made of heavenly fire,
And among them columns of fire
I saw fall, which were beyond measure
Alike towards the height and treasure
And towards the depth. (12) And beyond this
Abyss I saw a place that had
No firmament of heaven clad
Above, no firmly founded earth
Beneath it, there was upon it
No water, and no birds found fit,
But it was waste, horrible place.
(13) I saw there seven stars like mace
Great burning mountains, and to me,
When I inquired of their degree,
The angel said (14) “This place is end
Of heaven and earth to comprehend
A prison for the stars and host
Of heaven. (15) “And the stars that boast,
Rolling over the fire, are they
That have transgressed commandment’s way
Of YHWH in the start of their rising,
Because they did not for despising
Come forth at their appointed times.
(16) “And He was angry for their crimes,
And bound them till the time when their
Guilt should be finished on the air
Even for ten thousand years fair.”

Enoch 19
(1) And Uriel said to me “Here
Shall stand the angels in their fear
Who’ve joined themselves with women’s gear,
And their spirits assuming many
Different forms as well as any
Defile mankind and lead them wrong
To sacrifice to demons strong
As gods, here shall they stand, until
The day of the great judgement fill
In which they shall be judged until
They are made an end of and nil.
(2) “And of the angels women too
Who went astray shall become true
Sirens.” 3 And I, Enoch, alone
Saw the vision, the ends full-blown
Of all things, and no man shall see
As I have seen eternally.

Week 3. Enoch 20
(1) These are the holy angels’ names
Who watch. (2) Uriel, one and same
Of the holy angels, whose claim
Is on the world and Tartarus.
(3) Raphael, one felicitous
Of holy angels, who is over
The spirits of men as a drover.
(4) Raguel, holy angels’ one
Who takes vengeance with vengeance done
(5) On the world of the luminaries.
(6) Michael, one of the holy skerries,
Set over the best part of man
And over chaos in the span.
(7) Saraqael, one of the holy
Angels, who is set over lowly
Spirits, who sin in their own way.
(8) Gabriel, one of the holy sway
Of angels, who is over lay
Of paradise and the serpents
And the cherubim in their tents.
Remiel, one not to despise
Of the holy angels in skies
Whom God set over those who rise

Mt Ijen

Enoch 21
(1) And I proceeded to where things
Were chaotic. (2) And in the rings
I saw there something horrible,
(3) I saw neither a heaven in full
Nor a firmly founded earth, but
A place chaotic and unshut.

(4)And there I saw the seven stars
Of heaven bound within its bars,
Like great mountains and burning fire.
(5) Then I said “For what sin’s desire
Are they bound, and on what account
Have they been cast upon this mount?”
Then said Uriel, one of those
Holy angels, come to disclose
To me, and was chief over them,
He said “Enoch, why do You ask,
The meaning and the stratagem,
And why are You eager for task
To know truth? (6) “These are of the number
Of heaven’s stars, which do encumber
Themselves with disobedience
To YHWH’s commandment given for sense,
And are bound here ten thousand years,
Until the time of their arrears
Of sins, are finished to last cents.”

(7) From there I found another place,
Which bore still more horrendous face
Than the preceding, and I saw
A horrible thing at the draw,
A great fire there that burned and blazed,
And the place was split down and crazed
As far as the abyss, and full
Of huge descending columns’ pull
Of fire, and neither its extent
Nor limit could my eye prevent,
Nor could I fathom. (8)Then I said
“How fearful is this place and dread
To look upon!” (9) Uriel said
To me in answer, who was one
Of the holy angels begun
To be with me, he said to me
“Enoch, why such fear frightfully?”
(10) And I answered “Because of this
Fearful place, and because of this
Spectacle of the pain.” And he
Said to me “This place is the free
Prison of the angels, and here
They will for evermore appear.”

Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara

Enoch 22
(1) From there I found another place,
Where was a hill of hard rock face.
(2) And there were four hollows in it,
Deep, wide and very smooth and fit.
How smooth are the hollows and deep
And dark to look at on the steep!

(3) Then Raphael answered and said
One of holy angels who led,
“These hollow places were created
For this very purpose and stated,
That spirits of the dead souls should
Assemble there as best they could,
Indeed that all the souls of sons
Of men should gather from their runs.

(4) “And these places were made to hold
Them till the day of judgement bold
And till appointed time, the great
Judgement on them decides their fate.”
I saw a dead man making suit,
And his voice went up from the root
To heaven for appeal. (5) And I
Asked Raphael the angel why,
Who was with me, and so said I
To him, (6) “This spirit that makes suit,
Whose is it, whose voice goes and makes
Appeal to heaven?” (7) For their sakes
He answered me saying “This is
The spirit that went forth from his
Abel, whom his brother Cain slew,
And he appeals against him due
Till his seed is destroyed from face
Of all the earth, and his seed’s place
Has disappeared from seed of men.”

Mt. Tambora

(8) Then I asked about it again,
About all the hollows, “Why’s one
Divided from the other run?”
(9) He answered me and said to me
“These three have been made so freely
That the dead spirits might divide
And find a place where they might hide.
Such separation has been made
For righteous spirits on parade,
In which there is a shining spring
Of water for their refreshing.
(10) “And such has been made for sinners
When they die and are buried fers
In the earth and judgement has not
Been executed in their life,
And they’ve not yet stood in their lot

(11) “Here their spirits because of strife
Shall sit apart in this great pain
Till the great day of judgement reign
And punishment and torment come
On those who curse for ever numb
And retribution for their spirit.
(12) “There He’ll bind them forever near it.
And such a separation’s made
For the spirits who make their stayed
Appeal, who make their revelations
About their destruction and rations,
When they were slain in sinners’ days.
13 “Such has been made for human ghosts
Who were not righteous but the boasts
Of sinners, who full of transgression,
With transgressors make no confession,
But their spirits shall not be slain
In the day of the judgement plain,
Nor shall they be raised up from there.”
14 Then I blessed YHWH of glory fair
And said “Blessed be my Lord, YHWH of
Righteousness, who rules aye in love.”

Enoch 23
(1) From there I found another place
To the west ends of the earth’s space.
(2) And I saw there a burning fire
Which ran without rest from desire,
(3) And paused not from its course by day
Or by night but ran all the way.
(4) And I asked saying “What is this
That does not rest as though in bliss?”
Then Raguel, one of the holy
Angels who was with me, though lowly,
Answered me and said to me “This
Course of fire that You’ve seen is fire
In the west that goes forth in ire
Against the heavenly lanterns come
And all of the celestial sum.”

Enoch 24
(1) From there I saw another place
Of the earth and the earthly race,
And he showed me a mountain range
Of fire that burned day and night strange.
(2) And I went beyond it and saw
Seven mountains gathered for awe
All differing each from the other,
And their stones were marvellous, brother,
And beautiful, magnificent
Throughout, of glorious ascent,
And fair to see, three towards the east,
One set upon the other creased,
And three towards the south, one on
The other, and deep rough ravines,
No one of which was laid upon
Any other among the scenes.

Mt. Lokon, Sulawesi

(3) And the seventh mountain was in
The middle of these, and though kin,
Was greater than them all in height,
Resembling a throne’s seat in sight,
With fragrant trees around the throne.
(4) And among them was a tree grown
Such as I had never yet smelt,
Nor was there any of them felt
Like it, it had a fragrance past
All fragrances, and its leaves last
And blossoms and wood never cast.
(5) Its fruit is lovely, and its fruit
Resembles the dates from palm root.
Then I said “How lovely’s this tree,
And fragrant, and its leaves to see
Are fair, and its blooms for delight
In their appearance day and night.”
(6) Then Michael, one of the holy
And honoured angels who’s with me,
And is their leader, answered free.

Enoch 25
(1) And he said to me “Enoch, why
Do you ask me of what you spy,
The fragrance of the growing tree,
And why would you learn truth from me?”
(2) Then I answered him saying “I
Wish to know about all I spy,
But specially about this tree.”
(3) And he answered saying to me
“This high mountain that You have seen,
Whose summit is beyond like sheen
Of the high throne of Alohim,
Is His throne, where the Holy Great
One, YHWH of Glory, sits in state,
Eternal King, when He shall come
Down to visit the earth in sum
With goodness. (4) “As for this fragrant
Tree, to no mortal shall He grant
To touch it till the great judgement,
When He shall take vengeance that’s sent
On all and bring all to its end
Forever. (5) “Then that tree shall spend
Itself upon the righteous and
Holy. Its fruit shall be in hand
For food to the elect that stand,
It shall be planted in the place
Of holiness for love and grace,
The temple of YHWH and the king
Eternal over everything.

(6) “They shall rejoice with joy and be
Glad, and they shall enter in the
Holy place, its fragrance shall be
In their bones, and they shall live long
Upon earth, a life such as your
Fathers lived in the days of yore,
And in their days shall be no song
Of sorrow or plague or torment,
Calamity shall touch no tent.”
(7) Then I blessed Alohim for glory,
The King Eternal, one whose story
Prepared such things for the righteous,
And has created them and us
And promised to give them such glory.

Mt. Rinjani, Lombok

Enoch 26
(1) From there I went upon the earth
Towards it centre, saw in worth
A blessèd place in which there were
Abiding trees whose branches stir
With blossoms. (2) There I saw a holy
Mountain, and there beneath it lowly
And to the east there was a stream
And it flowed south as if in dream.

(3) And I saw towards the east another
Mountain some higher than its brother,
And there between the two a deep
And narrow canyon, from the steep
Also ran a stream underneath
The mountain and upon the heath.
(4) And to the west of it there stood
Another mountain, lower wood
Than the former and not so high,
And there between them deep and dry
A canyon, and where the three hills
End there another deep and dry
Canyon ran. (5) And of all the spills
The ravines were narrow and deep,
Formed of hard rock and made so steep
That trees were not planted to keep.
(6) And so I marvelled at the rocks,
And marvelled at the canyons’ stocks,
Indeed, I marvelled in a heap.

Tangkuban Perahu Crater, Java

Enoch 27
(1) Then I said “Why’s this blessed land,
That is wholly filled up with grand
Trees, here and why is this accursed
Valley between them for the worst?”
(2) Then Uriel, one of the holy
Angels who was with me though lowly,
Answered and said “This accursed place
Is a valley for accursed race
Forever, here shall be there gathered
Together all the accursed tethered
Whose lips pronounce words against YHWH
In blasphemy and speak undue
Things of His glory. Here they’ll be
Gathered together, here shall be
Their place of judgement. (3) “In last days
There shall fall on them for their ways
The sight of righteous judgement there
Before the righteous in their care
Forever, here the merciful
Shall bless YHWH of glory and full
The King Eternal. (4) “In the days
Of judgement for their former ways,
They shall bless Him for the mercy
By which He’s sentenced them to be.”
(5) Then I blessed YHWH of glory and
Set forth His glory in the land
And praised His name gloriously.

Mt. Krakatau, Indonesia

Enoch 28
(1) And from there I went towards the east,
Into the middle range at least
Of mountains in the desert tract,
And I saw wilderness in fact,
And it was solitary, full
Of trees and plants delectable.
(2) And water gushed forth from above.
(3) Rushing like an abundant love,
The watercourse towards north-west
Flowed making clouds and dew to rest
On every side and there above.

Enoch 29
(1) From there I found another place
In the desert, approached its trace
From the east of this mountain range.
(2) And there I saw wonders and strange
Aromatic trees exhaling
The fragrance of frankincensing
And myrrh, and the trees also were
Like an almond tree at the stir.

Barisan Hills, Sumatra

Enoch 30
(1) And beyond these, I went toward
The far east, and I saw a shored
Valley filled with water in place.
(2) And in it there was a grown tree,
Like fragrant trees such as mastic.
(3) And on the valley sides grown thick
I saw the fragrant cinnamon.
And beyond these my journey’s run
Proceeded towards the eastern sun.

Mt.Lalakon, Java

Enoch 31
(1) And I saw other mountains, and
Among them there were groves of trees,
And, like the scents of Samarkand,
There flowed forth nectars from the lees
Sarara’s and galbanum’s ease.
(2) Beyond these mountains there I saw
Another mountain to the east
Beyond where earth ends, at the draw,
Grew aloe-trees, and not the least,
The trees were full of stacte like
To almond trees, and when one burned it,
(3) It smelled sweeter than one had earned it,
Than any fragrant odour’s feast.

Enoch 32
(1) And after all these fragrant scents,
As I looked towards northern ascents
Over the mountains I saw seven
Mountains full of the nard of heaven
And fragrant trees and cinnamon
And pepper lying in the sun.

Mt. Telong

(2) And from there I went over tops
Of all these mountains without stops,
Far towards the east end of the earth,
And passed above the Erythraean sea
And went far from it and its girth,
And passed the angel Zotiel.
And I came to a place to see
The garden of righteousness well,
(3) And I saw from afar off trees
More numerous than all of these
Trees and the two great trees were there,
Very great, beautiful, and fair
In glory, and magnificent,
And the tree of knowledge unspent,
Whose holy fruit they eat and know
Great wisdom. (4) And that tree in show
Is in height like the fir, its leaves
Are like those of the carob’s eaves,
(5) And its fruit’s like clusters on vine,
Very beautiful, and the fine
Fragrance of the tree spreads afar.
(6) Then I said ‘How lovely like star
Is the tree, and how fine to see!’
Then Raphael the holy one,
The angel, who was there with me,
Answered and said to me to stun
‘This is the tree of wisdom, that
Your ancient father, where he sat,
And aged mother, before you,
Tasted, and learned the wisdom due,
And their eyes were opened, and they
Knew they were naked in the way,
Driven from the garden to stray.

Week 4. Enoch 33
(1) And from there I went to the ends
Of the earth and saw there great friends,
Great beasts, and each one different from
The other, and I saw birds come
Also varied in their appearance
And their beauty and their sound’s clearance,
Each one differing from the other.
And to the east of those beasts’ mother
I saw the ends of the earth where
The sky rests, and the heavenly gates
Open. (2) And I saw the stars there
Come forth from heaven to their estates,
And I counted the portals out
Of which the stars came round about,
(3) And wrote down all their outlets, for
Each single star and by its door,
According to their number and
Their names, their courses over land
And their positions, and their times
And their months going round in rhymes,
As Uriel the holy one
Of the angels who on the run
Was with me and showed me the fun.
(4) He showed all things to me and wrote
Them down for me, also he wrote
Their names for me, he wrote their laws
And their companies without flaws.

Enoch 34
(1) And from there I went out toward
The north to the earth’s ends’ accord,
A great contrivance there I saw
And glorious beyond my awe
There at the ends of the whole earth.
(2) And here I saw three portals’ girth
In heaven open in the sky,
Through each of them come forth the high
North winds, and when they blow there’s cold,
Hail, frost, and snow, dew, rain untold.
(3) And out of one portal they blow
For good, but when they come to show
Through the other two portals, then
It is with violent destruction
Upon the earth for beasts and men,
They blow with violent production.

Enoch 35
(1) And from there I went towards the west
To the ends of the earth, and saw
There three portals of heavenly best
Open such as I’d seen in awe
Upon the east, the same number
Of portals, and the same number
Of outlets streaming up in zest.

Enoch 36
(1) And from there I went to the south
To the ends of the earthly mouth,
And saw there three open sky gates,
And out of them there come dew’s states,
And rain and wind. (2) And from there I
Went to the eastern ends of sky,
And saw here the three eastern gates
Of heaven opened and small gates
Above them. Through each of these gates
Pass the stars of heaven on their rates
Toward the west on the path that
Is shown to them. (3) And as I sat
To see I always blessed the Lord
Of glory, and in His reward
Continued to bless YHWH of glory
Who has made great and wonders’ story,
To show the vastness of His work
To the angels who do not shirk
And to the spirits and to men,
That they might praise His work again
And all creation from His hand,
That they might see His tasks of power
And praise His hands’ great work an hour
And bless Him forever in band.

Catatan kaki:

*Thomas McElwain was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, but never lived there. Most of his family remains in West Virginia. He has made his home in Finland for most of his adult life. He finished high school in Puerto Rico in 1968, and received the diplome d’etudes biblique from Seminaire Adventiste in Collonges-sous-Saleve, France, in 1972. He studied general and comparative ethnography in Sweden and finally defended a doctoral dissertation in comparative religion at the university of Stockholm in 1979. In 1982 the same institution awarded him the degree of oavlönad docent or associate professor, a largely honorary position with few or no teaching duties.  He has published both academic and apologetical works, among the latter Islam in the Bible, Invitation to Islam, The Secret Treasures of Salaat, Hello, I’m God: A Bektashi Rosary, and Makkah at Dawn, the diary of his pilgrimage to Mecca in 2005 as a guest of the Shirazi Foundation. His greatest interest is writing poetry and he has produced The Beloved and I, the New Jubilees Version of Sacred Scripture in Verse with Verse Commentary. This work is a translation of the Bible, the Qur’an and other ancient texts with commentaries in sonnet-form.

** Gayatri Wedotami – pengelola blog ini adalah juga administrator group facebook The Beloved and I sebagai tempat bergabungnya murid-murid Thomas McElwain dari berbagai penjuru dunia baik yang bergabung dengan tarekat yang dibinanya maupun yang berminat dengan karya-karyanya – membahas topik-topik dan beragam tema yang terkandung dalam karya-karya beliau.


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