No claim. It’s just Is.

Hey. This is not good English. Just murmuring!!!

You said, “I did not believe because I could not see.”You think you are smart when you said, “Give me the proof.” Don’t you think I know what you think of, nothing but the fear of grasping the unknown mystery. You think you are brilliant when you said, “Eternity is a damn boring state!” But, guess you must be screaming, or crying like a little child when you know today is the end of your life as the airplane would crash on your house roof while you are sleeping. Would you still stay and sleep soundly  at your comfortable spring bed?? I laugh when your purpose is nothing but saying dirty things on what you think you should make fun of and curse, the way you said about all of that, indicates the same way those you cursed equally like you.

You think, living with the supernaturally natural is an ignorance state, a kinda stupidity, as the Malay proverb says: “Seperti katak dalam tempurung” Lol. But your purpose is just to hate, and to say bad stuffs because you dislike, and think that is the matter of freedom and that you are on the path of the real freedom. You do not know how to differ – which is the Path and which are the manifestations- because you do not understand Unity, you do not understand Oneness. See how your Brothers and Sisters in the West slowly returning Home after they feel the pain as their Parents detached themselves from their Root, the Divine One. The West is not a place but it is the Sunset, and you know what Sunset means. You said about “The Enlightenment” after “The Renaissance” and you did not disagree at all that the past is The Dark Ages. How can’t you see, that it is Night and you want to let the Night even without the Moon, and the Stars. I know it’s sounds so Schuon’s or Guenon’s, but that is what leads me to McElwain. The ancient Celtic is dark, as well as the Native American, but they are all marching to the East to greet and welcome the Sunrise.

So how could I say the rest of others are claiming and you are just in a position? As long as I see…as far as I read…yours…Because you did not yet found the Unity and you did not seek beyond so you did not get Oneness thus you always differ things, matters, particles, all stuffs. You hit the religions’ institutions by silently campaigning your own unseen institution. You think you are Enlighten by telling me that the religious people all are idiot and evil just because some went bombing here and there, in the name of their faith, while those who take Marx or even Capital as their faith also did just the same. Institutionalizing,  all things, politics…power and wealth…what else, nothing but that, even if you mock a thousand monk, you yourself can’t prevent yourself from sufferings: sickness, losing your love one, aging, and death. And there once the land Tibet, or even Jerusalem, now, what is so different about, if that’s all about having and conquering things – matters, lands, everything that can be earn.

Please, your high level philosophy as well as your humanism spells, it has no effect to the Orderly and Harmony universe. Tell me if you can run the whole universe and tell me when you can protect yourself from bleeding, that men who say The One is Exist as Existence as Being, are merely claiming…while you are taking a position which seems so safe from questions and confusions, Oh, then only you can assure me so!

You know, after a while, as soon as I digest all the utterance you throw to me or to those who challenge your position or your view, even I know that you are partly right when you criticize the authoritative institution that lack of mercy, love and passion, but that is not the point I am talking here: it is no doubt that the actually you are the one (but I know you are more than one) who live so happily, so comfortably, and so proudly in the Dark Age. My life is Bright as well as all of us in the Path, this never-ending-Road, we are re-born and enlighten more because we can see and you can’t see. Would you or would you not join us, is up to free-will you choose to take, be an image, a perfect image, or just a very blurry shadow of the One you keep veiling persistently.

Chen chen is just murmuring…you know.


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